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Slow Mile has gone into hibernation. Paulo, Bodil and Melissa are dedicated to teaching and art practice and will probably do things together but not through Slow Mile any more. For now we’ll just let it sleep. Who knows?

We were there!

Doris Salcedo at Gulbenkian Foundation

On our todo list!

A chance to look again

Leonardo da Vinci – Painter at The Court of Milan is a rare oportunity to look at several of Leonardo’s works under the same roof.

London will probably be on our map soon.

Let us know if you’d like to join us!

More information about the exhibition here


Thinking with the Hands

Recently we were invited by our good friend José Manuel dos Santos, to offer a workshop on creativity. So off we went to the city of Porto to be a part of Mindshake, a week long program that articulated a series of events around the idea of how to deal with creativity and its’ tools. Our session was called “thinking with the hands”. We looked at slides with examples from well known scientists and artists and did practicle exercices. To contact the deeper layers underlying our thoughts and visualize them using our hands, was the challenge. Our participants were open and willing to play making up for the sessions’ success.

The space between things

Museu Gulbenkian

The Gulbenkian Museum is a haven for art and culture in Lisbon. Going there is a renewed pleasure every time. Not only is the collection worth looking at but also the space, that contains and surounds it, offers a quality that pervades everything in it.

A aula de desenho no jardim Gulbenkian

Desenho no Jardim Gulbenkian

O sábado estivemos no jardim Gulbenkian a dar uma aula de desenho a quem quisesse aparecer. Entre amigos e novos contactos fizemos exercícios aproveitando a natureza oferecida pelo jardim. Gostámos da experiência e vamos repetir.

No próximo sábado dia 3 de Abril vamos estar no Jardim Botânico junto à Faculdade de Ciências, às 11h. Quem quiser aparecer, vamos estar à entrada do jardim à hora marcada. Tragam um bloco de esboço e um lápis mole.


Thoughts from Frederick Franck, author of the classic The Zen of Seeing

Learning to draw is…

– an intensifier of firsthand seeing, as a catalyst of awareness that makes us independent of our serfdom to technology.

– being reminded again and again of what we somehow know, but constantly forget

– reconnecting with what we observe, and thereby reconnecting with ourselves

– having no pretensions

– seeing what is in front of you for the first time

– undoing the year-long aesthetic alienation brought about by education…

– regaining a sense of simplicity

The world in the tip of a pencil

There is a moment when the walking stops, and the walker chooses to make a drawing. Something catches the eye, and the hand is eager to catch the line. The feet stop, and the mind seem to stop as well. A moment dedicated to looking, over and over again, touching trees and hills and ants with the tip of the pencil, extending gradually over the page. For a moment there is neither path nor destination, just a present moment at this tiny tip where the observer and the observed come together. A real experience, full of choices.

Walking, drawing, looking, hearing, feeling

sintrawalking02Slow Mile was out and about in Sintra and in spite of the anounced rain we had sunshine during most of the day. We had a great group of ten people with us and everybody responded to our exercices with interest and energy. As you can see from the drawings they made, we focused on different ways of using line in order to give expression to trees, their surface and grotwth structure. We also did little quick perspective sketches in the town, and yes, we did pop in for some pastry.

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