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B:: the doing, it’s all in the doing…

February 13, 2009

We are getting started, we are rolling. It is happening, it is being done.

We are doing it. Or are we?

Up until now, it has felt more like we have been observing this avalanche of things happening to us, this mass of thoughts, ideas and crucial moments that just come together so easily and mostly while we are enjoying each others company. Suddenly we had a name, over two days the blog was up, Melissa started talking about New York, Paulo kept talking about Bilbao, and things just happen…

Are we the ones doing it, or does it have a life of its own? SLOW MILE is out there in the world now, and people are going nuts… we just smile. Slow Smile.


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  1. José Manuel permalink

    I am one of those so called busy people, that needs a good excuse to slow down. So I accepted the invitation and went to Bilbao. It was even better than I expected, I was able to let my artistic side expand, was so in touch with Cy and the group that it felt like a family. Slowmile is a saver. Thank you Bodil, Melissa and Paulo.

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