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Vila Real 2010

The first Drawing Residency inaugurating our brand new Studio at Casa da Levada; we visited Casa de Mateus, who generously opened up their private forest area for us to explore, and we went up the mountain hills with a local shepherd, drawing his goats as they grazed. Several hours each day was spent working together in the studio, giving the participants solid foundational drawing skills.

Caramulo 2009

A long weekend spent in the Caramulo moutain. Contacting with nature and with local culture. Long walks through streams and forest, discovering abandoned villages and always surrounded by luxuriant green and water. Drawing was the main vehicle to contact with the qualities of the surroundings.

Bilbao Guggenheim 2009

Sharing the work at Bilbao Guggenheim

For three whole days we immersed ourselves in the retrospective of American Painter Cy Twombly at the Spanish Guggenheim. An intense experience of discovery, reflection, learning and experimentation lived through our sketchbooks, thanks to a very special group of interested participants.

Sintra 2009

Three sundays spent sketching in the region of Sintra, one day we meandered in and out of the center of Sintra and its surrounding forest, another day we walked along the cliffs of Praia da Adraga, and one sunday we spent around Peninha, a hermitage and amazing viewpoint above Cabo da Roca.

Tuscany 2008

Two main aims were set and were met; to teach the group as much about drawing and observation as we could, and to do one or two beautiful walks each day, experiencing Tuscan landscape and medieval towns on foot…

  1. Mary McGeachy permalink

    Congratulations…These photos and explanation of last summer’s trip gives a great feeling of being there.

  2. Sarah Franklin permalink

    Just seeing the pics and all of the happy people makes me wish I was there again :). I think one day I’ll come back and walk in the hills again with SlowMile ;-).

  3. So nice to see the work you are involved in. One of these times when I’m in Portugal I’ll have to partake.

    I lead creativity retreats in the Algarve from time-to-time. My work is about personal growth but I use painting as a vehicle for greater Self understanding. I’ve found that painting is such a metaphor for how we engage much of our lives.

    Your approach to painting in nature really appeals to me. You’ll be hearing from me one of these fine days! Keep up the great work.

    Gwen McCauley

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